Abstract Submission

All abstracts should be submitted electronically via the abstract Module submission system. The abstracts not submitted via the abstract system but via e-mail and regular post shall not be accepted. The abstracts submitted online shall be published without any correction; therefore, the authors should be careful about spelling mistakes.

You may kindly reach the online abstract submission system through the conference website; www.pediamediterraneaconference.org

Deadline for Abstract Submission: September 14th, 2020
Guidelines for Submission

1. The abstracts shall be submitted only via the online abstract system.
2. Names of the authors should not include their academic titles.
3. The names should be written with only the first letter in capital and the rest in small letters and without abbreviation.
4. Name and address of the institution, in which the author is employed, should be stated.
5. Only the first letter of the abstract title should be in capital letters. (Abbreviations excluded.)
6. In case abbreviation is used in the abstract, the abbreviation should be explained in parenthesis.
7. The purpose of the paper and the methods applied should be explained in brief, the findings should be summarized together with sufficient statistical details and the conclusion should be stated within the framework of the findings presented.
8. Abstract should be organized in a way to include the titles of background, objective, materials and methods, results and conclusions.
9. The abstract length should not exceed 250 words excluding the abstract title, name and surname of the author.

Instructions for Poster Presentations

1. All abstracts will be presented in English.
2. Posters should be printed by the authors and brought to the poster area before the “poster session” during the conference.
3. The poster size should be max. 50 cm width and max. 70 cm height.
4. Title, author names and affiliation should be indicated at the top of the poster.
5. The structure of the poster is: abstract, objectives, methods, results and discussion.
6. The text should be clear, simple and self-explanatory.
7. All figures and tables should contain headings, labeled axes and legends. Font sizes should be readable within the distance of 1 mt.

Important Notices

• If you will use the online abstract module for the first time, select the “New User” link and register to the system.
• The explanations at the page after the registration procedure will guide you. Please read the messages and explanations carefully.
• The abstracts submitted via internet shall be published without any corrections; therefore, the authors should be careful about spelling mistakes.
• Please keep the confirmation mail sent to your e-mail address following the abstract submission.
• You can track the evaluation process of your abstract over the system by using your e-mail and password.
• For technical assistance or questions during abstract submission contact Arkadyas IT Solutions by email to info@arkadyas.com

Abstract Evaluation

All abstracts and proceedings will be blind reviewed by the Scientific Committee. In order to have an accepted abstract being programmed by the scientific committee, congress registration for the presenting author is compulsory. An acceptance letter concerning the abstract evaluation result will be e-mailed to the author.

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